After you have created a versioned page, assign the versioned pages to a position in a page set or an imposition plan.

In LPV, you assign versioned pages in the same way as you assign non-versioned pages

Important: Note that you must assign the versioned page—not the contributing pages of the versioned page—to the page position. 

Tip: Versioned pages that have not been generated can be assigned to a page set or an imposition plan. However, the page cannot be output until it has been generated.

As in a regular job, there are four ways in which you can assign versioned pages to a page set:

Once you have refined a page, you can output a loose page proof. Once all page positions in your imposition plan have been assigned, you can output the imposition. For information about outputting from LPV jobs, see Outputting from an LPV job.
For information about how to add page sets, use Prinergy APA, import imposition plans, and configure integrated imposition software, see the relevant topics in the guide.