OPS to Prinergy

The OPS instance sends Prinergy a message for each customer checkout. The message is an XML document, sent by HTTP POST to the IP address and port configured in the OPS instance. The IP address must provide access to the Prinergy primary server (possibly indirectly.) If desired, the use of SSL for this connection can be configured at the OPS instance.

Prinergy to OPS

The Prinergy primary server sends the OPS instance a message every time it updates an order status, using the Post Status to OPS RBA action. This message is sent to the OPS instance from which the order was originally received—the URL is included in the original order. The message is an HTTP POST sent to port 80, or port 443 if using SSL.
The Prinergy primary server also requests the content document(s) for each order from the OPS server.
These requests are made over an SSL connection if your OPS instance requires SSL connections; otherwise, a non-SSL connection is used.