Upgrades to Prinergy Workflow 8.0 are free of charge for customers who have a service contract that includes upgrade entitlements. Upgrades from earlier versions of Prinergy are chargeable for customers who do not have a service contract that includes software upgrades.

Starting with Prinergy 8.0.2, minor updates require an updated license key, rather than using the same license key as the major update (such as 8.0.0).

Upgrade your Prinergy system and apply your new license key according to the steps in the Prinergy Workflow Upgrade Guide.

As of Prinergy Workflow 7.5, a new type of licensing technology that does not require hardware dongles for verification was introduced. Instead of validating your license against a USB dongle, your Prinergy server will contact the KODAK Product License and Activation System (PLAS) in the background on a regular basis to keep your system licenses up to date. An internet connection is required for automatic maintenance of your licenses. If your primary server is not connected to the internet, you can follow the offline process that is described below. When upgrading to version 7.5, you must also upgrade your license.

When installing the Prinergy Workflow 8.0 software on your primary server, the installer will display a licensing dialog box with your server’s unique system ID and fields for you to enter your license ID and Partner Place user ID. If your system has access to the internet and can reach PLAS, you can enter the requested information and click the License Key button. Then, click Retrieve License to retrieve your new license key from PLAS.

Note: Your License ID is the same as your Prinergy Workflow serial number which takes the form YCxxxxx or YCxxxxx-xx. 

Note: If your Prinergy system is behind a firewall that prevents outgoing connections from the server, but you want to use the license retrieve feature, allow connections to the URL https://ecentral.kodak.com/web-services/plas/SOAP/CustomerLicenseWebService.asmx through your firewall.

 If your Prinergy server cannot access PLAS or does not have access to the Internet, you will need to download a license file from a workstation or server that has Internet access. When Prinergy’s installer detects that it is unable to contact PLAS, it will present you with a Software License dialog box that provides an opportunity to save an XML file containing the necessary information to generate a license. From the Prinergy Setup Software License dialog box, click Browse... to select a location for the XML request file, and click Save to save the file.

Copy the XML file to another workstation that can access the PLAS server on the Internet. From that workstation connect to https://ecentral.kodak.com/productregistration/FileUpload.aspx and use the tools on that page to upload the XML file.

 PLAS will generate a new XML file that you can use to license your Prinergy server. Download and copy the new XML file to the Prinergy server and submit that file to Prinergy by clicking the Load license key from file (manual/trial) button, then Browse to locate a license file, and then Read File….

Multiple licenses may appear in the licensing dialog box. Select the license you want to apply to the server, click Apply to install the license, then proceed with the upgrade installation.

If you do not already have a Partner Place ID, or you want to modify your Partner Place ID, use the Create\Update Partner Place username link and create or modify your Partner Place username.

Purchased licenses will be automatically renewed on a regular basis. If the Prinergy server is unable to reach PLAS for extended periods of time, it will begin notifying the system administrator two weeks before the base license is set to expire. If your internet connection cannot be restored within two weeks, retrieve an updated license file to renew the base license using the manual method.

Note: Resale or reuse of the original hardware (dongle) license constitutes a breach of the software license agreement. Obsolete dongles are to be returned to Kodak within four weeks of upgrading to a release that uses software-based licensing from a dongle-based version. The dongle return form can be found here.

For more information and licensing procedures related to upgrades, please refer to the Prinergy Workflow Upgrade Guide: https://workflowhelp.kodak.com/display/PRINSAG80/Upgrading+the+servers