You can customize your PressProof system to suit your operation.

Note: You must click OK after selecting or clearing a check box for the setting to take effect.

  1. On the main toolbar, under Kodak PressProof select Preferences.
    Tip: If you do not see the main toolbar at the top of the screen, press the spacebar to switch to About Window mode.

  2. Clear or select the check box beside each setting to enable or disable it.
    Display red X over image when color may not be correct–When enabled, warns a user that the color they are viewing may not be accurate. Specific conditions when the red X is displayed include:

    When disabled, a small version of the red X appears in the upper left corner of the screen, and blinks continuously. 
    The small version of the red X also appears in the upper left corner in full screen mode when the user views the surface at a zoom level other than 1:1.

    Automatically reload Job List–When enabled, each time a user opens the job list it is reloaded from the server. When disabled, the job list is only loaded the first time the user opens it. After that, the list is cached for display.
    Note: When disabled, surfaces added to the file system after the first time the user opens the job list do not appear automatically in the job list. For more information, see Jobs list is slow to load.

  3. Enable "Connect Via WAN" checkbox at login–When enabled, allows users to connect to the production workflow via the Internet (Wide Area Network or WAN)instead of a Local Area Network (LAN).