Provides an overview of how to use the Workflow Template Editor, a powerful tool that you can use to link process and control steps together. This document also gives an overview of dynamic settings.

Prinergy Evo CBT

This active training tool introduces you to general concepts about Prinergy Evo, and lets you explore parts of the Prinergy Evo software. You can complete the computer-based training before Prinergy Evo is installed and come back to it for refresher training on specific topics. After unzipping the file, double-click launch.html to start the training.

Provides a hands-on perspective of how to use the Prinergy Evo software, with a realistic view of the product. Prepares you to start actively using Prinergy Evo.

The practice files for the activity guide are in Partner Place Answer ID 73429 (requires a password).

Keyboard shortcuts

Provides a list of Macintosh and PC keyboard shortcuts.

Self-paced training resources

Use a variety of self-paced activity guides (including sample activity files), CBTs, videos, and other training resources to learn about KODAK workflow software products.

If you're new to KODAK Unified Workflow Solutions (UWS) software, you can teach yourself how to use the products. If you're an experienced user, you can improve your knowledge to increase productivity.

Scheduled training courses

If you prefer training delivered by a knowledgeable and experienced instructor, there are a number of scheduled courses available.

Prinergy Evo TIFF downloader replaces TIFF downloading functionality in Kodak Print Console, Kodak CS Xpose, and Kodak Xpo software. As of Print Console version 4, Print Console no longer has TIFF downloading capabilities. This service is now being provided by Prinergy Evo TIFF downloader.

Prinergy Evo related documents are available on your Kodak services and support portal. On the portal, you can also: