Use duplicating marks to add color bars to press sheets. The mark image automatically duplicates within a specified area on a press sheet, typically across its width or within a fixed area that you specify.

Image file

Select the image file (from the drop-down menu) to use in the mark.


Select the number of degrees to rotate the mark image clockwise around the mark anchor point.

Size Type

Select a fixed or variable size type, and specify the fixed dimension of the area that is to be automatically filled with duplications of the color-bar mark image: 

Duplicate from

From this list, select Left, Center, or Right to control where the duplication mark originates from. If selecting Center, Preps will automatically duplicate the image to either side of the center until the area is filled.

Do not apply workflow color calibration

Note: This option applies only to JDF or PJTF output. It is ignored for all other output types.

Select this check box to generate a pair of marks flats: one containing the uncalibrated version of the marks, the other with calibrated marks in case this is needed downstream. Uncalibrated marks are not affected by color profiles or curves applied to jobs.

Anchor to

Select the component to which the mark will be anchored. On the diagram, click a reference point for the selected component.


Type the amounts of horizontal and vertical space to allow between the mark and component anchor points, and between the mark image and component edge.