Why you should complete this activity

Creating a print-ready PDFs compliant to industry standard specifications such as the Ghent Working Groups (GWG) PDF/X Plus specifications helps to ensure that the page content prints predictably and correctly.

This activity is important because it illustrates how to create a print-ready PDF from Adobe InDesign using GWG recommend application settings.

GWG 2012 and 2015 can be used interchangeably in this document.

The 2015 specification is an extension of 2012 and are pretty much the same for the intention of this activity (4) and activity 47.

You can use either the GWG 2012 or 2015 Application Presets for this activity. However, we do not endorse the use of the RGB variants in the 2015 specification.

Target audience

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What you'll need

For this activity you need to locate:

The instructor or coach will provide you with the location of the practice files.

What you need to know

GWG 2015 application settings for creating print-ready PDF can be downloaded from the Ghent Working Group’s web site http://GWG.org. The PDFs generated are created with settings that conform to PDF/X4 Plus specification that is subset of PDF/X4 (2010) standard with additional constraints to ensure printing is consistent and correct.

Note: If you are completing this activity on your own or coaching others in your shop, copy the Prinergy Activity Practice Files folder (available on the Kodak Partner Place internet portal at https://partnerplace.kodak.com/) directly to your workstation. For further information about these procedures, see Activity 1.