You can compare files that are stored in the same folder in a project or a library or in the same task.

  1. Open the first file that you want to compare in Smart Review.
  2. You now have options to compare files in side-by-side or stacked view. Click the Compare View Options button to select your view. Select Synchronize View to synchronize comparing files.
  3. Click Compare View .
  4. Perform one of the following actions:
    The comparison image in the right section is automatically refreshed to display any differences between the two selected files.
  5. View the comparison image.
    Tip: If the images being compared are identical except for their page dimensions or positioning, you can use the Align Images feature to align a specific point on one image with a specific point on the other image.
  6. When you are finished comparing the two files, click Single View  to return to viewing one file at a time.