Use this procedure when you want to add a color definition or change a color definition while you are refining. For example, you can use this procedure to adjust the screen angle of a color while refining.

  1. Start a second refine, which is a refine process on refined files.
    You cannot add or change color definitions when you refine input files.
  2. In the Start Process dialog box, click Color Mapping.
  3. In the Color Mapping dialog box, identify whether the colors are defined in the color database.
  4. Select a color in the Page Color column.
  5. Perform any of the following actions:
  6.  In the Color Editor, set the options for the selected color, and click OK.
    If you added a color, the icon next to it changes from  to a colored square. If you changed a color, the description in the Color Information area changes.