Poor control of viewing conditions is the most common cause of color misalignment between hard copy proofs and virtual proofs.

The following factors should be considered when aligning colors that are displayed on a monitor with colors on a hard copy proof or press sheet:

You are responsible for assessing and adjusting the viewing environment before using the Matchprint Virtual technology to compare monitor proofs to hard copy proofs or press sheets.

A Kodak Reference Proof kit is included with your purchase of onsite training (SUA). Use the kit's reference white sheet, reference proof, and profile to verify correct color and optimize your viewing conditions.

Overhead light fixtures

Ambient lighting, or overall illumination, can significantly affect the accuracy of color viewing. To reduce ambient room lighting, close curtains, install dimmers for lights, or use fewer bulbs.
In rooms where Matchprint Virtual is used, install CIE D50 (5000K) fluorescent halogen lamps that meet the IS0 3664:2000 graphics viewing standard. D50 illuminants such as GTI Graphiclite color viewing lamps are designed for color-accurate viewing.

If you are not sure whether your lamps meet the ISO standard, contact your lamp manufacturer.

Measuring devices

Kodak supports iOne Pro Rev D, iOne Pro2, iOneBasic Pro2, and iOne Display 3 measuring devices.
To select the required measuring device, follow these steps:

  1. Make sure that the device is connected to the monitor or the computer (not the keyboard).
  2. At the Dock, click the Matchprint Virtual folder icon .
  3. Select MVCalibrator and in the MV Calibrate window that appears, on the right-hand side, click .
  4. In the Measurement Device list, select the Eye One or Eye One Display measuring device.
  5. Click Save.

Note: Active USB Extension/Repeater cables are not supported for use with the qualified measuring devices.

Important: The retail version of the iOne Display 3 will not work for this model. Only the OEM iOne Display 3 model is supported and available for purchase from X-Rite at https://www.xrite.com/cart.aspx?AddItem=i1D3DC%2BOEM.
Note: Should the cart not allow for checkout, contact ordersoem@xrite.com to complete the purchase.
This device is not supported for use with UHD (Ultra-High-Definition) monitors and is only recommended for use with new monitors.

For EAMER customers only: 

To purchase the iOneD3 from X-Rite, contact:

Paul Cooper
WW OEM Business
X-Rite Europe GmbH
Althardstrasse 70
CH-8105 Regensdorf Switzerland
Tel: +41 44 8422768

The part number is i1d3DC+OEM.

For Asia Pacific Region (APR) customers only: To purchase the iOneD3 from X-Rite, contact Elizabeth Eidson at ordersoem@xrite.com.


Where appropriate, this document refers you to other technical documentation for more information. The documentation is available on the Matchprint Virtual Web site at MATCHPRINT Virtual Technology page.