You can use one of the following measuring devices for calibrating your monitor with Matchprint Virtual:

*Important: The retail version will not work for this model. Only the OEM i1 Display 3 model is supported and available for purchase from X-Rite at
Note: Should the cart not allow for checkout, contact to complete the purchase.
This device is not supported for use with UHD (Ultra-High-Definition) monitors and is only recommended for use with new monitors.

Note: Active USB Extension/Repeater cables are not supported for use with the qualified measuring devices.

For Asia Pacific Region (APR) customers only: To purchase the iOneD3 from X-Rite, contact Elizabeth Eidson at

For EAMER customers only: To purchase the iOneD3 from X-Rite, contact:

Paul Cooper
WW OEM Business
X-Rite Europe GmbH
Althardstrasse 70
CH-8105 Regensdorf Switzerland
Tel: +41 44 8422768

The part number is i1d3DC+OEM.