Because certain characters are reserved for specific functions and commands as defined by the XML specification (JDF is based on XML), JDF files must not contain those characters directly in the data fields. For example, the quotation mark character is used to define the opening or closing of a data field, so it cannot be used directly within a data field.

Characters must be expressed inside an escape sequence that starts with an ampersand (&) and ends with a semicolon (;).

Intended Character

Correct Expression in JDF/JMF

quote (")


apostrophe (')


ampersand (&)


less than (<)


greater than (>)


Incorrect example:
<sl:CreoSynapseJobCreate JobGroup="Jobs|Monthly|Jan & Feb"
Correct example:
<sl:CreoSynapseJobCreate JobGroup="Jobs|Monthly|Jan &amp; Feb"