In the Assembly workspace, you can toggle your view of each product's assembly between a graphical format and a compact list format. You can drag sections to rearrange or merge them or to change their binding styles.

Split Section tool

This tool displays the Split dialog box. Specify the number of sections to create from the selected section, and click [+].


Drag your view of the workspace.

Toggle product view

or Switch between viewing a product in a graphical format or a compact list format.

Color coding

A unique color code identifies the corresponding products in the Products list and the Assembly workspace.

Product and part details

Collapse and expand your view of products as needed. The following information about each product is displayed and updated as you make changes:

Visual information

The arrangement of the sections indicates the binding type:
Saddle-stitched sections:
In list format, smaller icons are used:
Perfect-bound sections:

Generate Press Runs

The required number of press runs and impositions is automatically generated, and the run-list pages flow into position according to the template page numbering.