The Line tab lets you edit individual lines.

SelectSelect lines of the same criteria.

Set all the selected lines (green lines in the Preview pane) to the specified type.


Line or Arc. To change the type for selected items, click Modify.

1st PointAn x,y coordinate that originates at the lower left.
2nd PointAn x,y coordinate that originates at the lower left.

Used to show the center point of an arc, but not used for a line

Edit/Stop Editing

Set the line-editing mode.

  • Normal operation in this mode is to create a line while dragging the mouse.
  • If you press Shift, it selects a line that is close enough to the cursor when you click the mouse, and moves the end of that line to the point where it is dragged. If a green rectangle appears while dragging the line end, it snaps to the end of the closest segment upon release.
  • The mode is reset once the mouse is released.
  • The behavior of the click-and-drag motion while pressing Alt remains the same as outside of the line-editing mode.

Apply the new values to the current line, or add a new line if one was created.


Remove the line from the pattern. Pressing Shift while clicking this button removes all the selected items.

Join Segments

Join the two selected segments with a straight line. Make sure to deselect any other selections before clicking this button.

Show DieHighlight the pattern that the algorithm can find, starting with the first selected segment (same as the 1st die option in the Select list).