Prinergy Evo Server software automatically checks the general health of your server. That is, Prinergy Evo Server software checks that all local hard drives and mounted shares are functioning correctly and not running out of disk space. If a problem is detected, Prinergy Evo software logs it in the HealthMonitor.log and broadcasts the problem to anyone on the server. When Prinergy Evo Administrator first receives an alert message, the message appears in a help balloon in the system tray (usually in the lower-right corner of the desktop) on the Prinergy Evo icon. Click the help balloon to hide it. The alert message is recorded in the Alerts tab.

The Alerts tab records and stores important messages from the Prinergy Evo system.

Many of the alert messages include information about what they mean and the action required to correct the condition. To view this information, simply double-click the message.

Alerts tab options