To automate your workflow, link your process templates together using hot folders.

  1. See Creating a refine to PDF process template.
  2. See Creating process templates.
  3. Create two hot folders, attaching the Refine to PDF process template to one hot folder and the output process template to the other hot folder. See Creating a new single-process hot folder.
  4. From the Process Template Editor dialog box, edit the refine to PDF process template you created.
    1. In the File Delivery section select the Send Processed Files to option.
    2. Click Browse to navigate to the output process template hot folder you created in step 3. See Editing process templates.
  5. See Submitting files via hot folders.

Prinergy Evo refines the input file to PDF and saves it to the root of the output process template hot folder, which triggers Prinergy Evo to begin processing the refined PDF for output.