Use the output imposition process template to output imposed pages to create an imposed page based proof, film, or plate.

In Prinergy Evo, in order to output imposed page-based proofs, films or plates, you must submit a qualified populated job ticket format (PJTF) or job definition format (JDF) imposition file that has PDF pages attached or linked to it, to the Prinergy Evo submission channel that has an imposition process template attached. Use the Output To list at the top of the output from imposition Process Template dialog box to select the file format suitable for the output device. Because the file format selection determines the availability of some options in the output from imposition process template, select an output format before you set the other options.

Note: See the sample process templates installed with your system for the recommended settings for specific devices. These process templates are listed in the Process Template Editor dialog box along with any process templates you create in your system. You can also use these process templates as templates for setting up your own process templates.