The Pandora software accepts only PDF mark files.

Note: Pandora will not import PDF mark files in the Device RGB color space, and will convert separations in PDF mark files in the Device Gray color space to separation black.
Within the User folder, you can create a subfolder organization for your marks, or you can keep them together.

  1. In Macintosh Finder or Windows Explorer, add a new folder inside the User folder, and name it.
  2. Copy any custom mark file into the new folder Pandoraversion\Marks\Userfolder name or import them later.
    When you add user marks to the software, you can add the files by copying the new mark files into the folder of user marks or by importing them directly into the Marks palette.
  3. If the Marks palette is not currently displayed, select Window > Show Marks Palette.
  4. On the Marks palette, click the option arrow, and select Import.
  5. In the Import Mark dialog box, browse to the location of the mark file, select the file, and click Open (Macintosh) or Import (Windows).
    You can import the mark from a local or shared volume.

The mark is imported into the folder that is currently selected on the Marks palette.