This process template section defines how Prinergy creates PPF (Print Production Format) files during final output.

When the PrintLink section is enabled, Prinergy generates PPF files and ink reports when you initiate this process template.
Note: You can generate PPF files without creating plates or film. To generate only PPF files, on the final output process template, clear the check box of the Device section of the process template, and select the check box of the PrintLink section of the process template.

Preview Resolution

Defines the resolution for the plate preview that appears on the press console viewing station. Select one of the following resolutions in the list:

Note: Higher resolutions give better quality preview images, but they dramatically increase the preview image file size.

Output Type

Select one of the following options:

Note: If you enter a path for a network device in the Put Files in Directory box, Prinergy automatically changes the Output Type option to Absolute File, if it is not selected.

Put Files in Directory

Specifies where Prinergy places the PPF files that it generates. Select a directory on a PPF file reader workstation.
Important: Ensure the destination directory that you select has enough space for PPF files generated by the PrintLink digital ink-profiling software.

Rotation from CTP to Press

Adds rotation information to PPF files. Select , 90°, 180°, 270° to rotate the plate the specified amount in a clockwise direction.
Note: This option is set during Prinergy installation. Before you change this option, contact a service representative.

File Generation Mode

Determines the format of the PPF files. Select one of the following options in the list:

Press Interface

Specifies the press interface for which the PPF files are intended. Select a specific type of press interface if you're using one of the press interfaces listed; otherwise select Generic Press Interface. If you selected Generic Press Interface, go to the Press Interface Configuration File box to select a configuration file. Note the number of divisions for the following manual Press Interface options:

Press Interface option

Number of divisions


100 divisions (0 to 100)


16 divisions, each with 16 subdivisions (1 to 16 : 1 to 16). For example, 50% is 8:16.


24 divisions, each with 20 subdivisions (1 to 24 : 1 to 20)


254 divisions (0 to 254)


24 divisions (1 to 24)

Number of Ink Key Zones

Type the number of ink key zones.

Press Width

Press width should be set to the zone size multiplied by the number of ink zones. For more information about zone sizes, see the documentation from the press manufacturer.

Press Height

Type the maximum height that is printable on the press. For more information, see the documentation from the press manufacturer.
The ink key calculations are based on the PrintLink Preview Resolution. A resolution of approximately 2 ppm or 50 ppi is required for accuracy (for a render resolution of 2400 dpi ). The Preview Resolution inside the PrintLink file is calculated according to a down sample factor, which is dependent on the render resolution and the PrintLink Preview Resolution selected. For more information, see the documentation about Preview Resolution.

Send Files Using FTP

Enables Prinergy to send PPF files via FTP (file transfer protocol) to a PPF file reader workstation. Use this option for PPF file reader workstations that are not running Windows, such as a Heidelberg PPG (Prepress Gateway). Select the Send Files Using FTP check box to enable this option; clear the check box to disable this option.

FTP Address

Type the FTP address of the PPF file reader workstation to which you want PrintLink to FTP the PPF files.

FTP Logon Name

Type the FTP logon name.

FTP Password

Type the FTP password.

Delete Files After FTP Completes

Deletes PPF files from Prinergy after they are successfully FTPed to the PPF file reader workstation. Select the Delete Files After FTP Completes check box to enable this feature; clear the check box to disable this feature.

Use Custom File Naming

Select this check box if you want to specify the output file names.
Note: If you select this check box:

Filename Template

Type the file name format for the output files.
Note: If you want to name the PPF file with values taken from JDF file, delete the variables that appear by default in the Filename Template box and enter the following:

Press Interface Configuration File

(See Customizable tags in the PrintLink PPF file)
This option tells Prinergy where the PrintLink configuration file is located. Click Browse to locate and select the configuration file.
The PrintLink configuration file enables you to customize the CIP3 tags and to modify default press interface settings in PPF files.