You can work with color separations in the Color Separations dialog box to:

Spot color mapping set through the Color Separations dialog box applies to:

Note: In general, the Color Matcher has better control of spot color mapping/conversion than the RIP does. Therefore, to ensure proofs match plates with respect to spot color handling, it is advisable to do as much processing of spot colors (mapping one spot color to another, conversion of spot color to process) in the refine stage, not during final output.

Resetting initial separations

You can reset the separations in the Separations view to the page colors defined in the pages assigned to the page sets. This is useful:

Common separations

When you have used a versioning imposition with layering you can identify separations as base, common, or unique. The labels appears in the Common column in the Separations view of Job Manager.

Color print order

Color print order is the order in which the system handles color separations. It is useful in two situations: