Migration to Oracle 12 for large databases for Prinergy Workflow Systems running version 7.0 or earlier

Some large Prinergy Oracle databases have attributes that prevent them from migrating properly when upgrading from Prinergy versions that integrate previous versions of Oracle to Prinergy 7.5 or 8.0 with Oracle 12. The failure of the database to migrate can lead to loss of data and a system that must be recovered before it can be used. If your database is larger than 200 GB, we recommend you contact your Kodak service representatives to schedule a migration test for your database prior to performing the upgrade, to determine whether you may be exposed to a migration problem.

Note: The database migration test is a special service related specifically to Prinergy 8.0 upgrades from versions earlier than 7.5.

Security problem prevents starting Workshop on Mac OS X 10.8 and later

To enable activation of Workshop, perform the following steps: [PRINERGY-34821]

  1. Open System Preferences.
  2. Click Security and Privacy.

  3. Click the General tab.

  4. Click the lock icon located in the lower-left corner of the Security & Privacy window.

  5. Enter your administrator credentials to enable making changes to the settings.

  6. Under Allow apps downloaded from, select Anywhere.

  7. Close System Preferences.

Windows Server 2008 R2 x64 operating system

The following limitations have been identified for running Prinergy using the Windows Server 2008 R2 x64 operating system:

Network File System connectivity

Prinergy does not support The Open Group UNIX NFS (Open Group UNIX Network File System). You can access UNIX servers using an SMB/CIFS protocol installed on the server (such as SAMBA).

Fonts with spaces in their names may be rendered incorrectly

Due to a limitation in Java 1.8, fonts with spaces in their names may be rendered without smoothing within the Workshop user interface. [PRINERGY-38495]

Integration with ColorFlow

The following limitations have been identified for using the ColorFlow software with Prinergy:


The following ColorConvert problems have been identified:


Adobe PDF Print Engine

The Adobe PDF Print Engine (APPE) RIP cannot process PDF files containing embedded PostScript objects, including pages that were processed with PostScript bypass or with the OPI bypass features of Prinergy.

The APPE RIP is the preferred RIP for Prinergy.

Observe the following precautions:

Screen Angle defined in User Library Spot Color Definition no longer respected on output

Workaround: Manually set the spot screen angle in the output process template [PRINERGY-40790]

Maxtone CX, Maxtone FX, and Maxtone SX RIP

Kodak Maxtone CX, Maxtone FX, and Maxtone SX screens are available for APPE RIP only. They are not available for use with CPSI RIP.

Register of a versioned page fails after the page has been opened in Acrobat on a Mac

If you open an LPV page in Acrobat and then re-generate it, the Register step will fail with an access violation message. This only happens when dealing with Windows 2008 servers and if the PDF has been opened on a Mac. [PRINERGY-29349]

Workaround: Unmount the Mac share.

Additional Register JTPs configured to run on a secondary server are incorrectly homed on the primary server after restart


SMB3 is currently not supported for Prinergy Workflow 7.5 on Windows 2012

Enabling SMB3 on Windows 2012 with Prinergy Workflow 7.5 will result in problems with client connectivity, including interoperability with Preps clients and the Prinergy Workflow server. [PRINERGY-38780]


Rules cannot be imported into the Prinergy server via the Import function of the Rule Set Manager on Mac OS X workstations.

Workaround: Perform the import process in Rule Set Manager on a Windows workstation or on the Prinergy server itself.

Prinergy Signature Select Limitations

Prinergy Signature Selection works in Preps 5 mode. Therefore, there are a number of limitations related to working with Preps 6 or later.

Editing impositions
Importing Impositions
Creating Impositions

Auto Select in Prinergy Signature Selection

The use of Auto Select in Prinergy Signature Selection may produce different results from the use of Auto Select in Preps. Check that Auto Select produces the expected results.

If required, you can use Move Up or Move Down to adjust the signature order, or use Add or Delete to get the right signature.
To prevent the problem, edit the PrepsPrinergy.cfg and the PrepsPrinergy.cfg.template files to include the line: