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Why you should complete this activity

Prinergy Evo allows the processing of PDF files without the requirement that PDF files be flattened. This activity shows how to configure a refine process template to preserve PDF 1.4+ features such as transparency and focusses on the implications of preserving transparency with respect to trapping. 

Refine process templates can be configured to flatten PDF files or to preserve PDF 1.4+ features.

Recommended reading

Prinergy Evo Workflow Client user guide for your version of Prinergy Evo Workflow software. Search for: 

Time required to complete this activity

15 minutes

What you'll learn

You will learn how to configure a refine process template to preserve PDF 1.4+ features and how not flattening affects the traps within the Refined PDF Master file.

What you'll need

In the location to which you extracted the activity files, find the Activity 38 folder and this file: Annual Report.pdf

What you'll do