You can add spot curves imported from Harmony to a print transfer curve .

Note: You can only add a Harmony spot curve to a transfer curve imported from Harmony, not a transfer curve you created in ColorFlow.



Task 1: Add a Harmony spot ink curve to a print transfer curve

  1. In ColorFlow software, click the Print Curves tab.
  2. In the Harmony Curves section, select the Harmony spot curve PRINT SPOT Curve Pantone 123 and drag the curve to curve XX Transfer Curve Activity 05 in the Transfer Curves section.
  3. In the Transfer Curves section, click curve XX Transfer Curve Activity 05 to the transfer curve object in the Viewer window.
  4. Click the Properties icon . You should see the spot ink in the Spot Inks section.


You have added a spot ink to the transfer curve you imported from Harmony.