In order to use Harmony curves in ColorFlow, you must manually import them. You can then enable them in ColorFlow so that they can be used in Prinergy for halftone (screened) output. 

Recommended audience
Users who previously used Harmony software for tonal calibration.


Import a Harmony plate curve in ColorFlow and use it to output a page in Prinergy. 

Task 1: Import Harmony plate curves

  1. In ColorFlow, click the Plate Curves tab.
  2. In the Harmony Curves section, click Import.
  3. Select the sample Harmony database file CF-AG01_Harmony_Plate_Curves.hmy.
  4. Click Open.
  5. Select all four curves in the Import dialog box and click OK.
  6. In the Harmony Curves section, select the Show in Prinergy Plate Curves check box for the two DERIVED curves.
    Note: If the Show in Prinergy Plate Curves column is not shown, click File > Preference, and then select the Show Prinergy Workflow settings check box in the User Interface tab.
  7. To view the Harmony curve value, in the Harmony Curves list, do one of the following:
  8. Remember the 50% black ink value.

Task 2: View the plate curves in Prinergy

  1. In Prinergy, click Tools > Process Template Editor > Loose Page Output > Virtual Proof
  2. Click Virtual Proof.LoosePage.
  3. In the Loose Page Output dialog box, expend Calibration & Screening.
  4. Click the ColorFlow Current State radio button.
  5. Expand the Plate Curve drop down list, you should see the two plate curves you have selected in Show in Prinergy Plate Curves.

Task 3: Output a page using the plate curve in Prinergy

  1. In Prinergy, create a new job, and name it as XX CF Activity 01 (where XX = your initials).
  2. Refine Chart_TintRamp_CMYK.pdf with 1stRef-Normz.
  3. Output the PDF file using Virtual Proof.LoosePage with one of the plate curves you just imported:
    1. In your Virtual Proof.LoosePage Process template dialog box, from the Output To list, select Virtual Proof.
    2. Leave ColorFlow Color Relationship Management unchecked.
    3. Expand the Calibration & Screening panel.
    4. Click the ColorFlow Current State radio button.
    5. Expand the Plate Curve drop down list and select curve PLATE XL Euclidean 150 DERIVED.
  4. Open the generated page in VPS and measure the 50% black patch.
    Confirm that the plate curve has been applied and the 50% black patch measures 47%. 


You have imported a Harmony curve and used it in Prinergy to control the tonal response of a plate.