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Prinergy supports PDF files with XMP tags from other workflow systems. These tags contain screening parameters per separation such as frequency, angle, and dot shape, which override the screen parameters set in the Calibration & Screening section of the output process templates.

Note: You must have a license for the XMP feature.

  1. When refining such files, perform the following actions in the refine process template:
    1. In the Impose section, select the Treat Input Files as Flats check box.
    2. In the Normalize section, in the XMP Tags Handling section, select the Preserve XMP Tags option.
    3. If you want to see the screening values from the XMP tags in the Separations view of Job Manager, select the Populate XMP Tags to Custom Fields check box.
      The values are displayed in the relevant columns (SO_ANGLESO_DOTSHAPESO_HIGHLIGHT_CXSO_HIGHLIGHT_SXSO_SCREENRULING) in the Separations view in Job Manager.
      Note: The Populate XMP Tags to Custom Fields check box is available only if the Treat Input Files as Flats check box is selected in Impose section of the Process Template.
      Note: The XMP tag values are not identical to the Prinergy values and are mapped to the equivalent Prinergy values in a CSV mapping file located in C:\Prinergy\CreoAraxi\data\XMPTags
      The values displayed in the Separations view are the Prinergy values.
      You can use Excel or a text editor to edit the values in the XmpMapping.csv file to result in the desired screening output. For instance, you could edit the values for the "CS9" dotshape to result in Maxtone SX dotshape with the Maxtone SX CMYK 15-45-0-75 angle set, with Round 1 dot and a feature size of 4x4. Check the parameters available for each dotshape in Process Template editor, to make sure you are choosing valid parameters. Make sure that you save the file as .CSV (text) format. In order to have Prinergy recognize any edits to the XmpMapping.csv file, you must start and stop all Register and Output/Proof JTPs in Administrator (UADM). 
  2. To output the job, in the output process template, in the Calibration & Screening section, in the Screening Mode section, select one of the following options:
    1. Honor DotShop and XMP settings from documentif you select this option, any DotShop and XMP settings override the settings in the process template. DotShop settings override XMP settings since DotShop settings are object-related settings while XMP are separation-related settings.
    2. Honor DotShop, XMP and the following settings from the documentif you select this option, any DotShop, XMP or PostScript Document Screening (SetHalftoneOperator) settings override the settings in the process template. DotShop settings override XMP and PostScript Document Screening settings, since DotShop settings are object-related settings, while XMP and PostScript Document Screening are separation-related settings. If the file contains PostScript Document Screening settings, you can selectively honor angle, frequencies and/or dot shape settings. However, you cannot disable any angle, frequency or dot shape settings specified by DotShop or XMP tags.
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