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  • The Matchprint Virtual software installed on a supported Macintosh computer with a calibrated monitor
  • A job role that includes the View Color Management right.
  1. Locate the job, and click the job name.
  2. Review the pages in Smart Review. (In the Pages area, click a page or click Smart Review.)
  3. Perform one of the following steps:

    If the pages

    Do this

    Require color approval

    Approve or reject the pages in Smart Review

    When approving, choose one of the following options:

    • If you are requested to approve both the color and the page content, select Approve Color + Content. 
    • If you are requested to approve the color only, select Approve Color to approve but only after the page content has been reviewed.

    Do not require color approval

    Choose one of the following options:

    • Approve or reject the pages in Smart Review. 
    • Approve or reject one or more pages in the Prepress Portal system.
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