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Select the screen type, screen system, dot shape, and screen ruling. Configure other optional settings, such as screen color and dot width.

  1. In the Screen Type list, select one of the following screen types:
      • Maxtone
      • Maxtone CX
      • Maxtone IS
      • Maxtone IS CX
      • Maxtone NX

    Note: When you use IS screen types, the resolution in the Render section of the process template must be identical to the value in the IS screen system. IS screen systems are predefined and cannot be modified in Prinergy. For information about defining IS screen sets, see the Prinergy System Administration Guide.

  2. In the Screen System list, select a set of screen angles.
  3. In the Dot Shape list, select a dot shape.
  4. In the Screen Ruling list, select a ruling.
  5. (Optional) Enter a Screen Color, select a Screen Angle option, and select a screen system angle set in the at Angle list to reconfigure the screen color separations.
  6. Under Default Spot Color Handling, select Cycle Through Screen Angles (for each successive spot color) or Screen as, and select a color separation in the list.
  7. To configure the size of highlights and shadow dots, perform one of the following actions:
    • If you selected Maxtone CX or Maxtone IS CX in the Screen Type list, select a value (in microns) for highlights and a value (in microns) for highlights beside Dot Width Highlights and Shadows.
    • If you selected Maxtone NX in the Screen Type list, select a value (in microns) for highlights and a value (in microns) for shadows beside Dot Size Highlights and Shadows.

Note: It is also possible to select the dot size for the highlights and shadows using DotShop Composer. Maxtone NX works on the entire page, so all objects defined with Maxtone NX must have dots of the same size. If there are multiple dot sizes selected, the output process will fail.

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