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Job Ticket Processors (JTPs) are software components that implement specific actions or tasks to be performed as part of an Adobe Extreme system. The real work of an Extreme system is performed by one or more JTPs. This means that the kind of work of which an Extreme system is capable is determined by the JTPs installed in it.
All JTPs share common responsibilities and capabilities, but each JTP also has its own unique task. JTPs perform their tasks based on the information available in a PJTF file. Different JTPs make use of certain parts of a PJTF file and ignore other parts of the file. This allows multiple JTPs to share the same PJTF file and its associated PDF files. As each JTP performs its task, it consults the PJTF file for input and updates the PJTF file with the new information. For example, the Normalizer JTP looks for PostScript file descriptions in the PJTF and, after processing, changes the file description so it points to the new PDF file and not to the original PostScript file. This allows the next JTP in the sequence to operate on the PDF files, rather than the original PostScript files.
Each JTP has a unique name that describes its purpose. It is possible to have multiple copies of the same JTP running at the same time on the same server or on different servers. This allows for distribution and parallel processing.
Prinergy contains a number of JTPs created to implement specific tasks that are not provided by the standard Extreme system. For example, Prinergy uses a JTP to generate thumbnails during refining and another JTP for archiving functions. In some cases, the functionality of a standard JTP has been extended.

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