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You can change the color target that is applied to an element, as long as No Task is selected in Smart Review.

In Smart Review, when you open an element that is associated with a color-approval task (or a non-color-approval task that is assigned a default color target), Matchprint Virtual uses the color target that is associated with the task to simulate specific printing conditions—for example, a specific press, paper stock, and ink. You can change the color target that is applied to the element when No Task is selected in the task list.

You may want to change the color target to see how the element's colors might look when printed under different conditions—for example, to a different press or on a different paper stock.

Tip: When comparing two files or two revisions of a file in Compare mode, you can assign a different color target to each file being compared. You can also print the element to file using the applied color target.

  1. In Smart Review, in the task list, select No Task.
  2. Click an arrow next to the Color Target button.
    A list of all available color targets appears. Your system administrator configures the color targets that are available for selection.
  3. Select the color target that you want to apply to the element.
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