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Visible columns

Set the columns to appear on the Status tab.

Default Units

  • Units of measure: Select points, picas, inches, millimeters, or centimeters. 
    Note: This preference is user-specific. You can define it in the PLA Client.
  • DXF default measure: Select inches or millimeters.
  • Marks folder: Identify the location of your marks for the PLA software.
  • PDF file suffixes: Only those files with extensions that are included in this list are available as artwork files in PLA. Some customers use custom PDF-generation applications that append PDFs with custom suffixes (extensions). Specify all extensions that your artwork files use. Use semicolons (;) to separate extensions.

  • Keep SmartMarks placements from template for Copy Prinergy Job: Select this box if you use Copy Prinergy Job and routinely edit layouts in Pandora by unlocking SmartMarks and altering their placement on the layout. If you do not select this preference, PLA will use the original SmartMark placements prior to the unlocking and any movement that was performed.

Color Mapping

If you select the Use Prinergy PDF color tags, if available check box, PLA will read color tag information from the PDFs refined and color matched in the Prinergy Worfklow software.

Trim Size Toleration

Trim size toleration is specified in points. This setting determines the difference in trim size that PLA allows while still considering artworks to be the same size. This tolerance is important when creating multiple
layouts in one action. If an artwork is considered to be out of tolerance in relation to the trim size of the first artwork added, it will not be used to create a layout.

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