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Note: To aid in persistent communication between the PLA client and the server on the client workstation, add a host table entry for the Prinergy server that hosts PLA.

Opening Layout Automation Manager on a Macintosh client

  1. To connect to the Prinergy Workflow primary server and mount the LayoutAutomationClient share on your desktop, from the Go menu, select Connect to Server ( K).
  2. Open the share, and from the Mac directory drag the Layout Automation Manager icon to your Mac Applications folder.
  3. Open the Layout Automation Manager software and log on to the Prinergy Workflow primary server. 
    For ease of use, drag this icon to the dock on your Mac.

Opening Layout Automation Manager on a Windows client

On a Microsoft Windows OS-based client:
From the Start menu, select All programs > Kodak > Layout Automation Client > Layout Automation Manager.

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