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Important: Some of the options described in this topic may not be relevant to Workshop in this version of the Prinergy software.

All of the settings are read-only and cannot be edited.

Sort by list

Click the arrow on the right side of the center pane to display the list of sorting categories. Select the category by which to sort the list.

Substrate Name

Displays a name for the substrate

Substrate Type

Displays the type of the substrate—the general material it is made of—for example, paper, or transparency

Substrate Material Type

Displays the substrate material type—a more detailed description of the material the substrate is made of. Some of the supported options are: Cardboard, ContinuousLong, ContinuousShort, Envelope, EnvelopePlain, EnvelopeWindow, FullCutTabs, Labels, Letterhead, MultiPartForm, Photographic, PreCutTabs, Stationery, TabStock, Tractor, NoCarbonRequired, and PlasticFolder.

Process Type

Displays the type of processes that the substrate can be used in

Default Size

Displays the default size of this substrate


Displays the grain direction of the substrate


Displays the name of the manufacturer of the substrate


Displays the weight of the substrate. The weight is used for calculating creep and shingling.

Thickness (Caliper)

Displays the thickness of the substrate

Front Coating

Displays the coating for the front of the substrate

Back Coating

Displays the coating for the back of the substrate.

Substrate Color

Displays the color of the substrate


This check box is selected if the substrate has punched holes in it

No. of Tabs

Displays the number of tabs that this substrate has

Tab Height

Displays the height of the tab, that is, the distance, in points, that the tab extends beyond the body of the substrate

Tab Width

Displays the width of the tab, that is, the width of the tab, in points, along the mid-line

Tab Offset

Displays the offset of the tab, that is, the distance, in points, from the corner to the edge of the first tab. This distance is the same on both ends of the series of tabs.

Tab Shift

Displays the shift of the tab, if exists, that is, the amount to shift, in points, the entire sheet content in the x-direction. This option is used (value more than zero) when the tab text is part of the print file and the print file data does not take into consideration that a tab extends beyond the body of the media. The entire sheet content must be shifted in the positive x-direction, so that the text will be printed on the tab.

Tab Order

Displays Forward when the first tab is toward the top of the stack or Reverse when the first tab is toward the bottom of the stack

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