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Note: Options on this tab may vary depending on the selected digital device. Some of the settings or setting values may not be available. Also, there may be additional settings available for specific devices which are not documented here.

The options in the Digital Job Ticket Editor are based on the capabilities of the selected device. When the Prinergy server connects to a digital device via Setup, the device communicates its capabilities in JMF format. The values for the different parameters are updated in the Setup application per device, and are reflected in the Digital Job Ticket Editor. The default value that was set on the digital device (and can be viewed in Setup) is used as the default value per parameter. If no value was set as default, the Job Ticket Editor displays Device Default. This selection can be changed.

When you define settings that are in conflict, these settings are marked with a red line around them, and when you hover above them, a tool tip displays what is wrong with the defined settings. You can also click the Constraints tab to see which settings you need to change in order to print the job.

Note: If you make a change in the Setup application while the Digital Job Ticket Editor is open, you must close and reopen the Digital Job Ticket Editor to see the change in the Digital Job Ticket Editor.

Output Tray

Displays the output tray for the printed job


Displays how the printed pages are delivered: face up, face own, face up in reverse order, or face down in reverse order


Displays whether the printer collates the output. 

Shift every # Copies

If you selected Collate and Shift in the Collation box, define after how many copies the shift is performed.


Displays whether the output is stapled. Select Corner, Side, Saddle or Off.

Staple Position

If you selected Corner in the Staple box, select the position of the staple: Left or Right.

Staple Angle

If you selected Corner in the Staple box, select the angle of the staple: Vertical, Horizontal or Slanted.


Displays whether the printed pages are punched and with how many holes. Select 2 holes, 3 holes,  4 holes or Off.


Displays whether the sheets are folded and the fold pattern.

Perfect Binder

Displays whether perfect binding is used

If you selected On in the Perfect Binder box, select the trimming method in the Trim box, and type the required values in the Fore Edge, Top Edge, Bottom Edge and Trim Size boxes.


Displays whether trimming is used.

If you selected On in the Trimmer box, type the required value in the Fore Edge box.

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