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  • You must be connected to an InSite Prepress Portal 8.0 or 9.0 server. 

  1. On the iPad Home screen, tap the InSite application  icon .

  2. On the Log In page, tap the Server box.
  3. In the New Server window:
    1. In the URL box, type the URL of your InSite server.
    2. (Optional) In the Alias box, type a name for your InSite server.
      Note:If you didn't enter any alias, the word Server will be displayed as the alias.
    3. Tap Done.
    Your InSite server URL is added to the list of servers.
    Note: To add more servers, tap the Server box and then tap .
  4. Tap the User Name box and type your user name.
  5. Tap the Password box and type your password.
  6. (Optional) To automatically log on next time, tap the Automatic Login On/Off switch.

  7. Tap Log In.
  8. (Optional) To save your user name and password for this server, in the message that appears, click Yes.
  9. To log off, tap Log Out on the upper-left side of the job list screen.

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