The Kodak InSite Prepress Portal system is a web portal to the prepress environment that lets printers and their customers work with print jobs over the Internet. Prepress Portal helps to manage the proofing, correction, and approval process so that it is more efficient.

Getting familiar with InSite Prepress Portal 9.0

InSite Prepress Portal 9.0 introduces a new and streamlined user interface that provides a more consistent and friendly working environment.

If you are already familiar with any of the earlier versions of Kodak InSite Prepress Portal, this document will help you map the old concepts and user interface to their new counterparts.

If you are short on time, at least read the section that compares the "before and after" methods of creating a job, and keep a PDF copy handy for quick searches.

Note: After you start using the software, you can use the Online Help menu to access more detailed information. 

Use a single window for previewing, approving, and managing jobs and customers

If you have used previous versions of InSite Prepress Portal, you’ll quickly forget that you needed to switch between several different windows and dialog boxes. You’ll find it easier and faster to do your work, using a single window to review pages, upload jobs, approve or reject pages, and interactively edit the properties of job elements.

InSite Prepress Portal 9.0 reduces the number of clicks needed to do your job.

The new user interface consists of the following areas:

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