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Note: This activity is relevant for version 8.0 and later.


It is recommended that you complete activity 4: Prepare a print-ready PDF input file before you start this activity.


Why you should complete this activity

Creating a print-ready PDFs compliant to industry standard specifications such as the Ghent Working Groups (GWG) PDF/X Plus specifications helps to ensure that the page content prints predictably and correctly.

This activity is important because it illustrates how to:

  • Verify the compliance of the PDF created with the GWG 2012 specification with Kodak’s Preflight+ solution
  • Apply fixes to PDFs that are not compliant with the GWG 2012 specification with Kodak’s Preflight+ solution

Recommended reading

What you'll need

For this activity you will need the PDF you generated in activity # Prepare a print-ready PDF input file.

What you need to know

With PDF Preflight, you can, during the refine process, evaluate PDF pages to detect problems that may affect processing in a publishing or prepress workflow. PDF Preflight uses profiles to compare the PDF files to a number of criteria. Each profile represents a collection of settings that is verified during the refine process. You must use the Preflight+ Profile Manager to add a preflight profile before preflighting PDF pages. The PDF Preflight area of a refine process template defines the profile used to check for errors and how to handle those errors.

Note: If you are completing this activity on your own or coaching others in your shop, copy the Prinergy Activity Practice Files folder (available on the Kodak Partner Place internet portal at directly to your workstation. For further information about these procedures, see Activity 1.