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Important: If you are upgrading from Kodak InSite Creative Workflow 5.0 on Microsoft Windows 2003 R2, you have to rehost to InSite Creative Workflow 5.0 on Windows 2008 R2 first before upgrading to 7.0.

Before upgrading your system, ensure that the following actions have been performed:

  • Back up the system.

  • Apply all Microsoft Windows security updates on the InSite Creative Workflow server.

  • If your system is in a DMZ configuration, disable all non-standard network mount points:

    1. Open a command-prompt window, and type net use /persistent:no, and press Enter.
    2. Type net use * /d, and press Enter.
    3. Type y, and press Enter.

Important: If you have a configuration of multiple InSite Creative Workflow web servers, perform the upgrade on your InSite Creative Workflow master web server first and then upgrade any InSite Creative Workflow slave web server.


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