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What is InSite Creative Workflow?

The Kodak InSite Creative Workflow system is a software that supports content creation and management. You and your customers can share, proof, and approve files over the Internet, track project status and support creative professionals while keeping tight control over content creation.

Logging on and off

  1. Open a web browser, and type the address (URL) of the InSite Creative Workflow server.

  2. Type your user name and password, select a language, and click Login.
  3. To log off, click Logout in the top-right corner of the toolbar.

Checking your system configuration

The first time that you use InSite Creative Workflow, check your computer to ensure compatibility.

  • Click System Diagnostics to run a diagnostic check of your system and view a report.

For a complete list of supported operating systems and web browsers, see the InSite Client Configuration document.

Getting help

For complete instructions on performing an action in the InSite Creative Workflow software, see the InSite Creative Workflow User Guide.

  • In the software, in the top-right corner of the toolbar, click Help.


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