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Administrator user name and password

You must have a Mac OS administrator user name and password in order to install the Matchprint Virtual software.

Compatibility with previous versions of Matchprint Virtual software

If your Matchprint Virtual version is earlier than 8.0, it is recommended that you start again when installing this version and calibrate to maximum luminance to see what the monitor is capable of achieving, and then set a fixed luminance based on our recommendations. For white point adjustment, it is recommended that you start from the default settings and approach any adjustments from scratch.

After installing Matchprint Virtual 8.0 and setting a fixed luminance, ensure that the viewing booth luminance matches your monitor luminance. For more information, see the Matchprint Virtual Best Viewing Practices Guide.

Note: Matchprint Virtual provides better gray balance, white balance, and overall color alignment to hard copy proofs when proofs are viewed under GTI or JUST Normlicht lighting. Under normal circumstances, you may not need to adjust the white point of your monitor to compensate for monitor viewing conditions.

Keychain access settings must be manually configured

In Matchprint Virtual 8.0, it is necessary to perform additional steps after installation. The steps must be performed on all Apple Macintosh workstations that will access InSite Prepress Portal 8.0 Smart Review, regardless if there is SSL in use. 
For more information about using with InSite Prepress Portal 8.0, see the Matchprint Virtual 8.0 for InSite Prepress Portal Quick Start Guide or InSite Prepress Portal 8.0 Online Help > Smart Review > Managing Color > Configuring Keychain Access Settings for Matchprint Virtual.

Security and privacy settings on your Mac computer

In order to install Matchprint Virtual 8.0 on your Mac computer, perform the following:

  • When you click the DMG file, press the Control key and select Open to install.

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