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When configuring the prepress connector, you can define how job names are to be constructed in Prinergy for jobs that are initiated via JDF from the MIS. You can also restrict the length of the names. In the Job Naming Format option of the Prepress Workflow Connector pane on the Configuration tab, you can specify your choice of literal characters, plus any of the following parameters to build the format:

  • %MIS_JOB_NAME% inserts the job name provided in the JDF new-job file.
  • %MIS_JOB_ID% inserts the job ID provided in the JDF new-job file.
  • %MIS_CUSTOMER_ID% inserts the MIS identifier for this customer.

For example, if you specify NEWJOB_%MIS_JOB_ID%, the Prinergy job name will be NEWJOB_12345, where NEWJOB_ is the literal text that you specified, and %MIS_JOB_ID% is replaced by the value provided in the JDF.
Note: Job names cannot include nonstandard characters, such as / * \ , and the parameters must be uppercase.

Length parameters

Prinergy truncates job names that contain more than 93 characters. To manage the length, you can specify how many characters are to be included for each parameter, and at which character to start counting these characters. (Counting is zero-based, meaning that the first character is in the zero position, the second character is in the "1" position, and so on.)
The format for adding a length restriction to a parameters is %PARAMETER_NAME[a,b]%.

  • The percent symbol % indicates the start and end of a parameter definition.
  • %PARAMETER_NAME% can be %MIS_JOB_NAME%, %MIS_JOB_ID%, or %MIS_CUSTOMER_ID%. (These parameters must be in uppercase.)
  • You can include any number of the available parameters.
  • Square brackets [ ] contain your length-restriction settings for the parameter, in the format [a,b].
    • a is a number that represents the position of the first character to use in the job name, where 0 (zero) is the first character in the actual name or ID.
    • b is the number of characters to use in the job name, starting with the character that is in the a position.
  • Any characters that are not contained within a %% pair, including spaces, are treated as literal text that is to be included in all job names.
  • To determine the total length of the job name, you add the number of characters represented by each b, plus any literal characters.

Be sure to use uppercase capitalization for the parameters.

The following format limits the job name to 22 characters:

  • 4 characters for the MIS job's ID, starting with its third character
  • 17 characters for the MIS job's name, starting with its first character
  • 1 character for the literal character (the underscore) that separates the two parameters

If the MIS Job ID is 1100221.23 and the MIS job name is cover of prepress job, the resulting job name is 0022_cover of prepress.

If the format requires a number of characters that cannot be satisfied by the corresponding original MIS value, then the available number of characters is used instead.

  • Format: %MIS_JOB_ID[2,5]%_%MIS_JOB_NAME[0,17]%
  • MIS job ID: 110123
  • MIS job name: cover of prepress job
  • Resulting job name: 0123_cover of prepress
  • Reason: %MIS_JOB_ID[2,5]% requires at least 7 characters to be able to provide 5 characters.
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