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Use shared folders for storing Prinergy Evo input or processed files. Shared folders reside on the Prinergy Evo server computer or on any network server. Prinergy Evo server computer must have read, write, and modify privileges on shared network folders used to store or submit input files from. A shared folder enables the Prinergy Evo client computers and server computer to see the folder, to mount to it, and to access stored files in the shared folder.

Input files must be submitted to the Prinergy Evo Client software from a folder on which the Prinergy Evo server computer has read, write, and modify privileges.

During installation, Prinergy Evo software automatically creates the following shared folders on the Prinergy Evo server computer:



Input and processed shared folders:

  • HotFolder
  • JobData

Use the HotFolder shared folder as the main folder to create additional hot folders.

Use the JobData folder to store your input files. It is a best practice to set up additional job-specific subfolders, with image and font subfolders in the JobData folder to help you organize your workflow. See the Prinergy Evo Installation Guide for more information on recommended folder settings.

By default, if you submit an input file via a hot folder, Prinergy Evo software stores the processed file in the <hot folder name>/Processed folder.

If you submit a file via the Template Palette, by default, Prinergy Evo saves the processed file to the same folder as the input file. For example, if you drag an input file from the JobData folder to the Template Palette, after processing, Prinergy Evo software saves the processed file in the JobData folder.


PgyEvoConfig is a shared folder with the following subfolders:

  • DigitalPrintTemplates
  • Harmony Curves
  • ICC-Profiles
  • MarkSets
  • Preps
  • PrintLink
  • ProcessTemplates
  • ScreenSetEditor
  • WebGrowthProfiles
    The two sub folders System and User appear in \Program Files\Kodak\Prinergy Evo <version>\config_data when viewed in Windows Explorer.


This share contains:

  • The Prinergy Evo Client software installation program
  • Prinergy Evo-specific Adobe Distiller software job options and Kodak plug-ins for Acrobat software
  • The Prinergy Evo specific Refiner PPD, used to print input files directly from your desktop application to a print queue.
    The Refiner PPD is part of the client installer package.
  • The Prinergy VPS software, used to proof layout and geometry settings on output files
    This share also contains documentation in the doc subfolder. Documents included are multi-language versions of:
    • Evo Installation Guide
    • Evo Quick Reference cards
    • Evo System Administration Guide
    • Installation Test Procedure Checklist
    • Layout Guide



Prinergy Evo resource and configuration information, as well as aftermarket fonts that you can install into the Printer JTP and Normalizer using a font downloader. These fonts are keyed/encoded and only usable on the specific Prinergy Evo system on which they were installed. Asian fonts are the major source for these font types.

If you have more than one hard drive, a message prompts you during installation to select the hard drive on which you want the shared folders to reside. It is recommended that the shared folders reside on a non-system hard drive.

Mount the shared folders on Macintosh Prinergy Evo Client computers via AppleTalk software or SMB (Mac OS X) in order to connect the Prinergy Evo Macintosh client computer to the Prinergy Evo server computer and to access any files on the server computer.

Important: Mac OS X can only see SMB shared folder names that are 12 characters or less. If you create SMB shares to your Prinergy Evo Server or a file server from a Mac OS X Prinergy Evo client computer make sure the folder names on your server are 12 characters long or less. Otherwise, your Macintosh OS X Prinergy Evo client computer will not be able to see the shared folder.
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