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If the input file was submitted for refining using a hot folder, Prinergy Evo software creates a PDF file and stores the file in the hot folder processed folder.

If the input file was submitted via the Template Palette, Prinergy Evo saves the refined file to the input file's original folder.

If the file was submitted via a virtual printer, Prinergy Evo software saves the refined file based on the location specified in the attached refine to PDF process template, Processed File Preference section. That is, if you select the Send Processed Files to Default Location check box, Prinergy Evo software saves the PDF file to the location defined in the Virtual Printer dialog box. If you have defined a custom location in the Send Processed files to box, Prinergy Evo software ignores the folder selected in the Virtual Printer dialog box, Default Output Location box and sends the PDF file to the custom location defined in the refine to PDF process template.

When the system refines a multi-page input file, it either creates a single PDF or, if specified, splits the input file by page. Prinergy Evo software then names the PDF files it creates as follows: filename.p0001.pdf, where p0001 is the page number, enabling you to sort your pages in numeric order. For example, if the two-page is refined, the system creates test.p0001.pdf and test.p0002.pdf. If the same file is re-refined, the system overwrites those files. Prinergy Evo will not overwrite the source input file.

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