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In this activity, you will add a proofer to an existing color setup. In the color setup, the PCO is a press that is aligned to an industry specification. The proofer becomes a Secondary Color Output (SCO). The SCO will be aligned to the PCO using a DeviceLink. With this DeviceLink, the proofs will simulate the color that you print from the offset press.


Add an SCO—an inkjet proofer— to a color setup that you created in a previous activity with a press defined as the PCO.

Task 1: Add an SCO to a color setup that already has a PCO defined

  1. In ColorFlow, in the Color Setups table, select the color setup named GRACoL C1 2006.
  2. In the Devices dialog box, add a new Inkjet proofer device:
    1. Click Add Device.
    2. From the Device Type list, select Inkjet Proofer - Matchprint Inkjet.
    3. Name the device as  Proofer A .
    4. Drag Proofer A to the SCO position in the viewer window.
  3. Click the Properties icon  inside the SCO device condition.
  4. Define new properties for the device condition:
    1. In the Resolution list, add or select 1440x720.
    2. In the Substrate list, add or select SM240.
    3. Click OK.
  5. Click the Measurements icon   to create a new Color Characterization Chart:
    1. In the Charts tab, click the Add button   to create a new chart.
    2. From the Chart Type list, select Color Characterization.
    3. Click Save.
  6. In a real-life situation, you might need to export the chart and output the chart from Prinergy and then measure the chart in ColorFlow. For the purpose of this training, you import a sample data file from your ColorFlow installation folder:
    1. Click the Measurement tab.
    2. Click Import.
    3. In the dialog box appeared, keep the default value and click OK.
    4. Browser and select \Program Files\Kodak\ColorFlow\SampleData\Measurements\MatchprintInkjet.cgt .
    5. Click Open
    6. Click Close.
  7. In the SCO, click the Device condition profile icon   to generate an ICC profile for the device condition.

Task 2: Complete the color setup

  1. Click the Conversion icon .
  2. From the DeviceLink Method drop-down list, select Full Reseparation
  3. From the Rendering Intent drop-down list, select Absolute Colormetric.
  4. Click OK.


You have created a color setup that uses the DeviceLink to align an inkjet device condition with a press aligned to an industry specification. 


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