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Comment: Published by Scroll Versions from space IPP and version 9.1.1

Caution: Do not proceed until all Satellite servers have been upgraded to version 9.1.1 and have been turned off or the InSite service is stopped.

Important: If an error message appears when you are performing the upgrade, do not click Continue or Cancel. Contact your local Response Center representative to report the error.

Important: Extract files to a folder on the InSite server.

  1. Turn on (if you turned off) and log on to to the Main Enterprise server using the EnterpriseAdmin account. Do not perform the upgrade using a Remote Desktop connection.

  2. If you have not downloaded the and the Oracle installer file already, download the files now and save the files to the J: drive on your Main Enterprise server.

  3. Extract the file that you have previously downloaded to the J:\InSiteStuff folder.

  4. To map a drive to the Oracle 12 installer, follow these steps:

    1. Copy the Oracle zip file that was downloaded with the InSite Prepress Portal 9.1.1 installer to the J:\ drive.

    2. Extract the Oracle installer zip file to J:\Oracle_install.

    3. Open a command prompt and type the following command: C:\> subst O: j:\oracle_install

    4. Press Enter.

  5. In the J:\InsiteStuff folder, open the InSite 9.1.1/InSite folder, double-click setup.exe.
    The InSite Backup and Rehost Utility window appears.

  6. Select Backup and click Next.

  7. In the Location for backup files box, navigate to the J drive. At the root of the J drive, create a folder called InSiteBackup, and select this folder as your backup destination.
    Important: Do not use any spaces in the name of your new backup folder.

    • It is recommended that you back up the files on a local drive with at least 30 GB of free disk space. (The system does not enable you to back up the files to the system drive).

    • If there are any failures or warnings during the backup process, stop and contact your local response center representative.

  8. Click Next.
    The backup process begins. The following items are backed up on the Main Enterprise server:

    • Color management (color profiles)

    • Customization folders (all customized components)

    • License key

    • Network configuration

    • Registry data

    • Learning Center

    • Web.Config file

    • Database

    • IIS configuration

    • The backup process can take 20-30 minutes and is fully scripted. Be patient and allow the process time to complete. Do not close any of the backup process windows.

    • To view what has been backed up, go to the location that you defined for backup on the J: drive.

  9. When the backup process indicates Completed on all steps, click Done.
    The installer will verify that you have the InSite Prepress Portal 9.1.1 upgrade option in your license. 
    Important: If you receive a warning about the option not being available, stop immediately and contact your service representative for an InSite Prepress Portal 9.1.1 upgrade key.

  10. When the InSite installer starts, click Next.

  11. In the NT User Account dialog box, type and confirm the password for the EnterpriseAdmin account and click Next.

  12. On the Summary screen, click NextType the drive letter you mapped to the Oracle installer earlier (O:), and click Next.
    The installer updates the Oracle software on your system. This process can take 1-2 hours depending on the size of the database. Be patient and allow the installer to complete.
    Note: The install progress might display a Not Responding message during this step. Do not attempt to force quit or interrupt this step. Be patient and allow the installer to complete.

  13. On the InSite Configuration Utility screen, click Next.
  14. Confirm the name and IP address of your Main Enterprise server and click Next.

  15. Leave all settings as they are and click Next or Apply until you reach the Finished screen, and then click Close.

  16. On the Configuration Results screen, click Done, and then click Finish.

  17. On the Restart Server screen, select the Yes, I want to restart my computer now option, and click Finish. Wait until the server restarts.

    Important: When you upgrade the Prepress Portal Enterprise system, all customized e-mail message based on earlier version(s) of InSite Prepress Portal e-mail templates will need to be recreated based on the new default e-mail templates of version 9.1.1. When you upgrade the Prepress Portal Enterprise system, all customized e-mail templates are automatically backed up and saved on the local InSite server at J:\inetpub\wwwroot\PrinergyWebRoot\RUser\custom\emailBackups\*TimeStamp*. During the upgrade process, the default templates in the \emailTemplates folder are overwritten with the new default content. Your customized e-mail templates in J:\inetpub\wwwroot\PrinergyWebRoot\RUser\custom\email are not affected but will need to be reviewed for compatibility with Prepress Portal 9.1.1 after the upgrade. Backup customized e-mail templates are to be used for reference only and should not be used as a base to create a new customized template.