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Comment: Published by Scroll Versions from space IPP and version 9.1.1

After the Prepress Portal 9.1.1 upgrade, the default light source that that will be used is D50. If you want to use a different light source, you will have to adjust the global settings. When surfaces are pre-rendered for PressProof, the correct light source information is utilized.

Set a default light source to ensure color accurate surfaces in PressProof.

This is a global setting. The light source you select here will be used by default by the entire PressProof system. You can, however, apply a different light source to specific jobs or surfaces. For more information, see the PressProof System Administration Guides in Partner Place.

  1. On the home page, click Configuration Settings.
  2. Select PressProof.
  3. In the Default Light Source area, select a light source from the list.
  4. Click Update.