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Comment: Published by Scroll Versions from space IPP and version 9.1.1

This section lists bugs that are resolved in this release.

Referenced PR ID


INST-12919Themes - Customized Service name is not shown on browser tab
INST-12885Job list view causes ORA-03113 when customer has very large number of jobs
INST-12870Approved pages are shown as "Approval Requested" after Reviewer and Approver worked on the same job/pages simultaneously
INST-12866SR: Color information is not displayed after select a color patch in draw panel
INST-12863Arrange pages: Pages added to Groups are not displayed in the list
INST-12858ICU should not modify entries in the hosts file that it did not put there
INST-12837Unable to see or edit user groups when group's assigned job role is "Use Member's Default Role"
INST-12816All rules lost in Job's Upload Processing Rules tab if login user without Configure Upload Processing right
INST-12510RIP for Rendering can't be inherited by job template
INST-9214HTML5 Preview - Unable to scroll through pageset list if list is longer than screen height 
 INST-7216PCI Security: Missing Secure Flag From SSL Cookie