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Comment: Published by Scroll Versions from space COLORFLOW and version 8.3

ColorFlow provides tonal calibration curves to Prinergy for screened output. ColorFlow also provides ICC Device and DeviceLink profiles for color matching during Refine and Output processes, a capability called ColorFlow Color Relationship Management (CRM). 

You can use ColorFlow Workflow Edition (included with every Prinergy system) for tonal calibration to control plate output using curves. You can also use ColorFlow Pro Workflow edition’s powerful CRM capabilities to ensure Prinergy outputs plates and proofs aligned to your desired print conditions, including GRACoL, Fogra and G7. 

Current ColorFlow capabilities:

  • You can use ColorFlow to create Plate and Print Calibration Curves from printed and measured charts, or you can create Transfer Curves from a set of numbers.


  • You can create and use a calibration curve ColorFlow curves without creating a color setupColorFlow Color Setup.
  • You do not need to enable ColorFlow for a Prinergy job in order to be able to use ColorFlow curves for output.
  • You can select ColorFlow curves from a drop-down list in Prinergy Process Templates, in exactly the same way as you can select Harmony curves. 

 As As a current Harmony user, if you migrate to ColorFlow , you benefit from ongoing improvements in color science, as well as the following advantagesfeatures:

  • ColorFlow implements the latest international standards, such as GRACoLThe latest GRACoL, FOGRA, SWOP, ISO .
    and other print standards
  • Support for ColorFlow supports the G7 methodology for gray balance compensation. You can use ColorFlow to control gray balance along with tonal match.
  • ColorFlow provides support Support for new spectrophotometers and measurement modes.
  • ColorFlow automates Simplified curve creation : you can create plate and print transfer curves from in a single entry windowpanel.
  • You can make Make on-the-fly curve adjustments in Prinergy for curves created in ColorFlow.
    at the time of output
  • Analyze and verify print conditions, You can analyze your print conditions and troubleshoot potential problems using reports in ColorFlow.  with ColorFlow Reports