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_colorflow introduction
_colorflow introduction

ColorFlow 7.5 simplifies curve creation and application.You can now use ColorFlow to create curves from measured charts. With ColorFlow 7.5:

  • You can create and use a calibration curve without a color setup.
  • You do not need to enable ColorFlow for a Prinergy job in order to use ColorFlow curves for output.
  • You can select ColorFlow curves from a drop-down list in Prinergy the same way as you select Harmony curves.

 As a current Harmony user, if you migrate to ColorFlow, you benefit from ongoing improvements in color science, as well as the following advantages:

  • ColorFlow implements the latest international standards, such as GRACoL, FOGRA, SWOP, ISO.
  • ColorFlow supports the G7 methodology for gray balance compensation. You can use ColorFlow to control gray balance along with tonal match.
  • ColorFlow provides support for new spectrophotometers and measurement modes.
  • ColorFlow automates curve creation – you can create plate curves from a single entry window.
  • You can make on-the-fly curve adjustments in Prinergy for curves created in ColorFlow.
  • You can analyze your print conditions and troubleshoot potential problems using reports in ColorFlow.