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Comment: Published by Scroll Versions from space PLA and version 8.3


This ability is off by default. If you want Pandora or PLA to retain the original spot colors from mapping when viewed in Prinergy Workshop under Color Separations, you need to add AutoColorMap.PrintMappedColor=true to the file in the Pandora application folder. For PLA, the file is found in the LayoutAutomation\server\WEB-INF\classes folder on your Prinergy server. If you are running the PLASubService software, you need to add this parameter to each Prinergy Workflow secondary server in addition to adding it on your Prinergy server running PLA software.

Note: If you are using AutoColorMap.PrintMappedColor=true and are also using Label Marks, you need to add Mediator.UseNative=false to the file in order for the Label Marks to appear properly on output.

Improve performance of the Add InSite Files browser window (PLA-5001)

If you want to further improve performance on accessing elements from ICW, you need to add Insite.ReadFromCache=true to the file in the LayoutAutomation\server\WEB-INF\classes folder on your Prinergy server and any Prinergy Workflow secondary servers running the PLASubService.