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Comment: Published by Scroll Versions from space PC102 and version 1.3
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Prinergy Cloud 1.3 can be installed as an upgrade from Prinergy Cloud 1.2.3 without having to uninstall Prinergy Cloud 1.2.3.

To perform the upgrade, follow these steps:

  1. Download the the latest Agent
  2. Extract the file.
  3. Stop Prinergy.
  4. Close Prinergy Administrator.
  5. Run the Agent CloudAgentInstaller_1.3.0.16.exe. This should automatically update your current Agent without any further prompts.
  6. Close the Agent installer and restart Prinergy.

Note: If you are running a version of Prinergy Cloud other than 1.2.3 prior to upgrading to Prinergy Cloud 1.3, you need to coordinate the upgrade of the Prinergy Cloud software from previous versions with your Kodak service representative. The upgrade can be performed remotely at a time that is convenient for you.